Know Your Fabrics: Kente

Usually people buy fabric without knowing anything about them. Especially with the world turning to internet shopping for the purchase of the fabrics.

Here is some info on the famous Kente fabric from Ghana:

1) Kente is also known as nwentom in Akan

2) It a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips

3) Nwentoma, the other name for Kente means “woven cloth”

4) The colors of the fabric have a special meaning:

  • Purple is mostly worn by women;
  • Red is for political and spiritual moods, bloodshed, sacrificial rites, and death;
  • Silver stands for serenity, purity, joy, and is associated with the moon.

For a more detailed guide to the fabric including its history, meanings of the patterns and other colors visit our friends here.


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